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Lead Staff

Cori Coffman
Event Director

Louis Williams
Event Manager


Since 2011 her energy, style, and creative leadership has launched the Pritzlaff Building from a historic warehouse space into a premier event venue.  Cori’s progressive edge immediately saw the allure of the natural elements that could be accentuated within the industrial space.  The result has breathed new life into an architectural treasure that has captivated the imagination of our clients! 

Cori commands a masterful knowledge of design, flow, and proportion when directing an event.  Cori expertly guides and listens attentively to each client’s vision.  Every event is a unique transformation of the venue space.  Sweet and romantic. Bold and brash. Minimalist and clean.  Quirky and individualistic.  Cori’s ideas are supercharged with endless possibilities and will surpass the typical expectations.  Call it the “Wow” factor. 

Cori has a Graphic Design and Communications BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.  Her background includes extensive success in marketing, brand implementation, and art direction while working for local advertising agencies and teaching undergraduate courses on advertising. 

Cori’s incredible gift for strategic planning was honed while she served as Executive Director of The Eisner American Museum of Adversing & Design; the nation’s only advertising and design museum.  Cori’s diverse career has steadily built her outstanding reputation in the Milwaukee art + design industry.  Under Cori’s direction, Pritzlaff Events has partnered with some of the best vendors in Milwaukee to make your event spectacular.